April 7, 2020
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How to Know if the Guy is In Love with You

You are in a relationship right now, but you are still doubtful if your boyfriend really loves you. There are times when you can say that he does, but then again, there are also a lot of times when you take back what you said. Yes, this can be frustrating as every girl would really like to know if the guy is really into her. However, asking him will not solve the problem as of course, he will just say yes. But is he being real or cheating you? Is he telling the truth? 

How can you confirm that the guy really loves you? The following pointers might help:

  1. He is always looking at you. Yes, and it is not a look that he always does with other people. That kind of look that is meant for you alone. No matter where you are, his gaze is following like he can’t seem to take his eyes off you. 
  2. He wants to do a lot of things for you. Not only that he wants to give you material things, he also wants to give his time, his efforts and so on. Whatever it is that makes you happy or satisfied, he wants to be the one to provide it. 
  3. You are his priority. The moment you give him a call, trust that he will surely be attentive. If he says he will meet you, he will surely do no matter if it means canceling his other commitments to be successful to you. In short, you are the most important person in his life. 
  4. He wants to be a part of your family. He will find ways so that he will meet your parents and siblings. He will also go out on his way to get to know your friends and other networks. in short, he wants to get to know you better and the people around you. 
  5. While others might not be able to see the real you, he can see it. Yes, as you are his focus, he sees everything about you. That is because he does not only love you, he also loves everything about you like the things you do and so on. He will love you for who you are.
  6. Whatever it is that makes you happy, it will also make him happy. Yes, your happiness is your happiness as well. This is what real love means and if you experience this from the person you are with right now, it only means one thing, he is really into you and you should take good care of him. In this selfish world, finding someone who really loves you is rare. 
  7. He easily misses you the moment you are apart. You will know about this for sure as he might call you or send you some messages. Not all men are gamer like this. There are those who will right away forget you when you are out of sight, but if the guy really loves you, that will not be the case. 
  8. He always updates you with his whereabouts. He does not want you to think that you are neglected. It pains him to think that you might be mad about him or that you felt ignored. Thus, even when you won’t ask, he still tell you why there was a time when he wasn’t able to answer you, or he is late and so on. 

Indeed, you will easily see if the guy is really into you as he will make sure you know that. he will shower you with attention and he is always around to make you happy. 

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