April 7, 2020
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Malaysia and Branded Entertainment

Entertainment and the process with which these forms of entertainment are seen can say a lot about the environment of the consumer especially should the entertainment require a specific platform, or any website design. In this context, any form of entertainment brought by the provider must be easily identifiable and even give that entertainment a way for consumers to associate it with as a unique form of it in desiging. Through this branding entertainment is placed into a form of entertainment in order to have a unique form of advertising that provides an outlet that is extremely profitable and gives consumers a way to identify the brand based on the reason where they see their entertainment ans satisfaction.

Branding Agency Malaysia standards speak to the way brands have been integrated to the form of entertainment. An example being the use of Audi in the Marvel movies especially with a reference to Iron Mans preferred vehicle. During the Iron Man trilogy, Tony Stark is usually seen driving an Audi, he also uses VIVO as his smartphone of choice with fictional technology being implemented on a VIVO concept smartphone. This integration is a form of advertising that allows the brand to associate to the fictional world of the entertainment as well as give consumers a chance to preview the product with the fictional character.

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