April 7, 2020
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Most common wedding problems and how to fix them

Most common wedding problems and how to fix them

So, your big day is coming up and you are quite excited! For sure you are now so busy planning for this day as after all, weddings should be planned way ahead. In fact, there are couples who really plan for their wedding too early on like a year before the big event. Are you like this as well? But to ensure there will be no problems on your most important day, it is best to be prepared for any possible complications, so you can have some backup plans. This way, your day will not be ruined.

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What are the possible wedding day problems and how can you fix them? Check this out:


If you are quite particular about the seating arrangement, this should be addressed early on. In some wedding events, they don’t arrange seating though, like they just decide the guests where they sit. If this arrangement is good for you, you can just arrange the seating of the bridal entourage and let the planner do the rest.

Plans before Budget

Your plans might be at risk if you are doing it before setting your budget. After all, you need money to follow your plans in the first place! So, you won’t end up wasting a lot of time and spending money on unplanned things and possible mistakes, it is best to establish the budget you plan to use for this event. You don’t have to splurge you know as though this might be one of the most important highlights of your lifetime, there is still life after this. In fact, it’s a kind of life where you and your partner should prepare financially of as you are now going to start a family. That said, be careful when creating your budget for the coming event.


If you can, for sure you want to make all your close friends as part of the entourage. However, I am pretty sure you are not in that position as what is mentioned above, there is still a life ahead you need to prepare for. So, when choosing your bridesmaids, you can only pick what you think your budget can accommodate. It goes without saying that you need to pick those that are closest both to you and your future husband. If there are others who are also close to you that would like to be part of your entourage, you can ask them to shoulder the expenses. They should understand especially if they are also married or are planning to tie the knot sometime soon.

Not Having a Backup Plan for an Outdoor Setting

If you are planning to have the entire event outdoor, you should check ahead the weather. With the technology we have these days, you can already predict the weather a week before. But since this is also too close to change in case of rain, you can just have a backup plan in case it will rain indeed. Not doing so might put the event in a jeopardy.

Flowers Wilting

You have to entrust your flowers to ensure nothing will go wrong. They know best since this is their livelihood. However, if that is not possible, you can just make sure that your flowers will not wilt. Order them 30 minutes before you use them and be sure to keep them watered. Prepare water bottles at hand so they will be refreshed every now and then.

Thinking an Outdoor Setting is Cheap

This is definitely a misconception as an outdoor setting can end up quite expensive. Especially if the weather will not cooperate, you end up taking care of the consequences still trying to save your wedding day. That said, you have to know everything about an outdoor setting first and consider if you can afford it. Unless you own your own business, then you should consider your budget options first.

Yes, a lot of things can go wrong if you don’t plan for your wedding carefully. For sure you only want the best wedding. For sure you want a kind of wedding that is worth immortalizing. That can be achieved with careful planning. You should always consider the fact that something can go wrong and you should be always ready for a backup plan.

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