April 7, 2020
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Palms In The House

Are you a lover for palm trees? Oh, really? Then let me ask you how many types of palm trees do you know exist in this world? One? Just One? The palm oil you mean? Well, you’re not much of a palm lover then. There are a whole bunch of different palm trees out there and while some live outdoor, some prefer to grow gracefully indoor. If you just started your own business that revolves around palms, please make sure to read this article! And also, if you were to start any business at all, it is important to know what is SEO and include it in your marketing efforts.

Yup, this article will talk about indoor palm trees you have yet to know!

The first one is the cascade palm. It is different from the other palms as it does not have a central trunk. It has leaves grow from its clump and makes it looks like a full palm. It used to live in low wetlands such as stream and rivers back in its original habitat in the forest. Thus, be sure to pull a good irrigation system for your cascade to grow and stay humid. This plant enjoys spending its time under the shade of dim places. It will eventually grow in the pots and as it grows you can divide it into new plants altogether.

The next one would be the parlor palm. It prefers to grow in medium indoor light or an artificial one would also do, and the temperature medium as well. Parlor does not need pruning except the branch tidying thingy. You need to make sure it is to be kept in continuous humid temperature as it can attract insects if it is under a very dry state. Thus, let’s keep the permanent temperature as its average humidity.

Apart from that, we also have the ponytail palm. The leaves shaped just like ponytails while the trunk is short and sturdy. The trunk is thick and swollen which makes it more drought tolerant than ever which can also be considered as some kind of reservoir for the palm. You need to make sure it is in the pink of health by putting it in a brightly-lit area. It can also be root bound to make it easier for its growth to be managed.

All in all, there are various of palm trees out there which you have yet to discover. Do find out more about them as they are plenty of them to name. Contact any palm oil fertiliser manufacture now to get your fertilisers.

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