April 7, 2020
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Reasons Your Cheating Husband Doesn’t Deserve a Second Chance

It is a big blow for the wife when a husband is cheating. A lot of thoughts will suddenly surface, and the bottom line is if the wife will decide to forgive the husband or not. This may sound simple, but if you happen to be in the wife’s shoes, this is not the case. In fact, this might be one of the hardest decisions she will make, especially if they have kids already. She must make some personal sacrifices in favor of them. However, she also needs to weigh things if the husband is worth for another chance to be succsessfull

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If you are also in this situation and you are confused on what to do, here are some of the most notable reasons he does not deserve your forgiveness:

The Affair was with the Ex-girlfriend

This only means one thing, he still loves her, and he is fooling you right from the start with satisfaction. It can even be looked like you are just a rebound girl as he married you when he is still not over the ex. Even if you forgive him now, there is no guarantee that he will stop the affair or it might be stopped now, but it might also happen again. Relationship is not like the wholesaler business.

The Affair Already Runs for Quite Some Time

If the affair is already going on for quite some time, it means that he might have strong feelings for the girl already. Note that he risks your marriage in favor of her, he must really love her in that case. Forgiving him will be futile as he will just possibly hurt you repeatedly.

He Does Not Apologize

If after hurting you, he does not even show that he is sorry, and does not ask for forgiveness, what is the reason then to forgive him? He will just belittle you if you do so. The best way to do is file for a divorce and ask for support. You don’t deserve such a kind of person like gamer

Your Relationship is Still New

You just got married and he already cheated. This is definitely a great betrayal. He does not even consider the fact that you are still in the honeymoon stage and he is already looking the other way! How much more after a number of years! Might as well be free of him while you still don’t have kids. 

He is Doing This Repeatedly

If your husband is doing this for so many times already, there is even no need to think about it. Just get him off your life right away. Even if there are kids, this will only mar their childhood as of course, you can’t help but be hostile towards him. Your kids can then witness that not-so-good relationship you have with him. 

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Yes, your husband is not perfect, and you are not perfect as well. But there are times when the crime is really not worth a second chance and some of the most notable reasons are mentioned above. But of course, at the end of the day, it is your will that will be followed. 

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