November 18, 2019
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When To Add Video Background in Your Web Design

Background videos are not only the trend now, it’s been a trend since a few years back. Not only is it cool, it is also awesome to have moving backgrounds instead of plain backgrounds. It is a creative way to improve your overall layout look. Here are some things to consider when using a video background to your website design :

Make sure the duration of the video is short or not succsessfull. Nobody wants to watch a long-winded video playing in the background. It will not grab any user’s attention.

Make it mobile-friendly as well. For mobile users, replace the video with an image. It does not look nice at all for mobile users love to view a video background. Not only will it not load properly for some devices, it will also differ in terms of quality and size from desktop or laptop users.

Prevent users from pausing or stopping it. You want to grab a user’s attention. Therefore, don’t make it a choice for users to cause any affect on the video. You’d want them to pay attention and watch it the whole way.

Prevent music or sound. You don’t want users frantically searching for the pause and stop button to off the music or sound. It is always better to opt out for music or sound as it will be very disturbing and make the user experience less fun and exciting. The reason being users satisfaction will get annoyed with random sound playing in the background.

One of the key in using video backgrounds all in all is that they are suppose to function just as a background. That’s all. So if you want to experiment with video backgrounds, it will be a good start to use. The reason is because it is a great skill or technique to learn for future references. If you’re looking to get a video background designed on your website, don’t hesitate to contact any web design Malaysia agencies to help you out.

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