Types of Chocolate


There are several different kinds of delicious chocolate but 3 main categories. Fine chocolate falls under 3 categories: dark delicious chocolate, milk chocolate and also white chocolate.

Dark chocolate has chocolate alcohol, cacao butter, lecithin, sugar and also vanilla.

Milk chocolate has all of the above plus milk fats and milk solids.
White chocolate consists of whatever milk chocolate does other than chocolate liquor.

Chocolatiers debate whether white chocolate is truly delicious chocolate. Until 2002, the UNITED STATE Food and Drug Administration considered it a confectionary rather than delicious chocolate because it does not include delicious chocolate liquor.

The Hershey Food Corp. and the Chocolate Manufacturers Organization requested the FDA, which included a criterion of identification for white delicious chocolate.

Because the FDA describes it as white chocolate, instead of confectionary, some specialists, like Williams, approve white delicious chocolate as chocolate.

Within the three groups, the FDA likewise recognizes numerous grades. They include unsweetened or brute, which can be as much as 99 percent delicious chocolate liquor; bittersweet; semisweet; as well as dark milk chocolate.

The type of chocolate depends upon what active ingredients are present and the percent of cocoa, in addition to where the beans are from as well as the way they are prepared.